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All people deserve the opportunity to enter into a loving relationship with a long-term partner and to create a family and a home. This is the most basic of human rights universally accepted worldwide. Families are the main organizing structure for our society, they create order and predictability.

They allow us to nurture one another and share life’s great joys and sorrows. Families, which come in many shapes, forms, and sizes, give life meaning and significance. Unfortunately, the legal protections that go along with relationship recognition and family units are not a reality for most LGBT Americans.

48% of Americans live in states that recognize same-sex relationships by way of marriage or domestic partnerships/civil unions.
According to a number of polls, 53% of Americans support the freedom to marry.

Consider this: only 36 percent of the American population lives in states that recognize same-sex marriages. An additional 13 percent live in states that recognize domestic partnerships or civil unions. And finally, one percent of the population lives in states that offer their LGBT citizens a highly limited version of relationship recognition. That means the remaining 157 million Americans live in states that do not recognize same-sex relationships. The most basic of human rights is not a reality today for many LGBT Americans. That’s why we support diverse efforts at the state level aimed at recognition of LGBT relationships.

Like everyone else, LGBT Americans deserve the opportunity to raise children together, whether they are naturally born, adopted, or fostered. And kids deserve to have legal relationships with each of their parents. Research shows that LGBT people are currently raising nearly 2 million kids. It’s all already happening. Laws just now need to catch up. That’s why we support efforts to recognize LGBT people as having the same rights and responsibilities as all other Americans to be a parent.



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