Longtime Transgender Movement Leader Masen Davis to Join Gill Foundation as Senior Director of Special Projects

Gill Foundation President & CEO Courtney Cuff announced today that Masen Davis will be joining the foundation team as senior director of special projects, effective January 2017.

“We are excited to welcome Masen as a senior member of our team. He brings incredible knowledge and experience to the table,” said Cuff. “From ushering in sweeping changes to California’s nondiscrimination law to increasing healthcare access for transgender people across the country, Masen’s leadership and proven track record are a critical addition to the foundation at this pivotal juncture.”

“After focusing on international equality for transgender people in recent years, I’m ready to dive back into the work that’s needed to protect and secure equal treatment here at home. The Gill Foundation team is smart, strategic, and relentless in pursuit of equality. I can’t wait to get to work,” said Davis.

Davis brings over twenty years of advocacy and nonprofit leadership to his work at the Gill Foundation. He most recently served as co-director of Global Action for Trans Equality (2015-16) and Executive Director of Transgender Law Center (2007-2015).

Under Davis’ leadership, Transgender Law Center became the nation’s largest transgender advocacy organization. Davis’ work was critical to the elimination of discriminatory insurance exclusions in California, creating a pathway for transgender Americans to access transition-related care. He was also an integral part of the coalition that helped pass California’s School Success and Opportunity Act (AB 1266), ensuring transgender students have access to facilities and activities that match their gender identity.

“Masen’s work and his leadership in the movement have had a tremendous impact on the lives of transgender people. There is no one more prepared to lead the foundation’s efforts to build familiarity and understanding with transgender Americans,” said Cuff.

As senior director of special projects, Davis will oversee several key program areas. He will manage a grant portfolio focused on advancing equal treatment and opportunity for transgender people and assist in efforts to increase and diversify funding for the movement.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us. Transgender people have unprecedented visibility, and Americans are learning more about us every day. Acceptance and understanding is increasing as more of us come out and tell our stories; however, our opposition has never been fiercer. In many states, a hardworking transgender person can be fired from their job, kicked out of their apartment, or refused service at a business simply because of who they are. Transgender women of color are facing levels of violence we’ve never seen before. And our opposition’s fear mongering about bathrooms isn’t going away. I’m eager to partner with our grantees and partners to tackle these challenges head on,” Davis said.


For more information, contact Jace Woodrum at 720-274-3238.

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