Michael Dabbs

he / him / his

As senior communications officer, Michael Dabbs is responsible for leading the foundation’s communications, research, and media accountability portfolios, working in partnership with the communications and programs departments to direct research, craft messaging, and design breakthrough projects that spark debate and build demand for equal treatment of LGBTQ people. He also has supervisory responsibilities for the foundation’s external and internal communication.

Prior to joining the foundation, Michael was the communications and creative director at RBI Strategies and Research, a leading progressive political consulting firm. While at RBI, Michael worked alongside nonprofits, issue advocacy campaigns, and political candidates to develop and implement nationally recognized, award-winning creative and communications strategies, helping shape public discourse and win at the ballot box.

Michael graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in political science and strategic communication from Texas Christian University. He holds a master’s degree in international and intercultural communication from the University of Denver, where he is an adjunct professor.

Originally from Arkansas, Michael has made his way upstream to Colorado. His passion for sports has cultivated a love for radio, ballpark food, and the underdog.