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We are a team of enterprising, mission-focused, and collaborative individuals dedicated to the advancement of equality for all LGBTQ Americans and every Coloradan.

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Our Progress

$433M in total grant-making

Since its inception, the Gill Foundation has invested more than $433 million in programs and nonprofit organizations around the nation, substantially contributing to many of the country’s watershed victories for LGBTQ equality.


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From national news to stories here at home in Colorado, we’re always ready to be part of the conversation.

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Our History

Since Amendment 2 sparked Tim Gill to launch the Gill Foundation in 1994, we have been resolute in our mission to secure equal opportunity for every American, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Each year, we reflect on the progress made and the challenges overcome, and we approach our mission with renewed urgency and focus.

  • 2022

    President Biden Signs Respect for Marriage Act

  • 2021

    Equality Act Passes House, Receives Hearing Before Senate Judiciary Committee

  • 2020

    SCOTUS Rules that LGBTQ People Cannot be Fired on the Basis of Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity

  • 2019

    Conversion Therapy Bans Sweep the Nation

  • 2018

    Wins for Transgender Americans

  • 2017

    Pursuing Opportunity in the States as Federal Rights Unravel

  • 2016

    The Fight for Nondiscrimination Ramps Up

  • 2015

    Marriage Equality Becomes the Law of the Land

  • 2014

    Focus Shifts to Nondiscrimination

  • 2013

    DOMA Found Unconstitutional

  • 2012

    Marriage Equality Wins on the Ballot

  • 2011

    Making Schools Safe in Colorado

  • 2010

    “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Repealed

  • 2009

    Three More States Win the Freedom to Marry

  • 2008

    Proposition 8 Stuns the LGBT Movement

  • 2007

    Seizing Opportunities in the States

  • 2006

    The Backlash to Marriage Intensifies

  • 2005

    Creating the Blueprint for Marriage

  • 2004

    Marriage Equality Becomes a Bullseye

  • 2003

    Massachusetts Moves Toward Marriage Equality

  • 2002

    Gill Foundation Works With Unlikely Allies

  • 2001

    LGBT Funds Spark Debate

  • 2000

    Marriage Fight Takes Off in Vermont

  • 1999

    Strengthening the LGBT Movement

  • 1998

    Matthew Shepard’s Murder Spotlights Anti-LGBT Animus

  • 1997

    Marriage Fight Begins to Loom

  • 1996

    Amendment 2 Found Unconstitutional

  • 1995

    Amendment 2 Goes Before the U.S. Supreme Court

  • 1994

    Tim Gill Establishes the Gill Foundation in Response to Amendment 2

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Annual Reports

No one year in the march toward equality is the same. Our annual reports document our yearly investments and spotlight the grantees instrumental in the progress we seek and secure.

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