Gill Foundation

What is Outgiving?

Since 1996, Gill Foundation has fostered a passionate and committed donor network known as OutGiving, whose generosity has made significant impact on the march toward equality.

How to Participate

Attend the OutGiving Conference

The hallmark of the OutGiving network is the biennial, invitation-only OutGiving Conference. It brings together major donors and institutional funders – both LGBTQ and allies – in a private setting to connect, learn, and exchange ideas on ways to advance equality through strategic and intentional philanthropy.

Who You’ll Find

At the OutGiving Conference, you’ll find your peers – funders and philanthropists whose annual philanthropic giving to LGBTQ causes exceeds $25,000 and who are interested in increasing the effectiveness of their giving to advance LGBT equality.

We are grateful for all who give generously in pursuit of LGBTQ equality. OutGiving caters to those individuals and organizations that are able and willing to make major gifts.

Why We Do It

Gill Foundation’s impact is greatest when we work side by side with others who can give in a significant way. Smart, collaborative giving is the method by which Gill Foundation has contributed to so many advances in LGBTQ equality, and it is the way we will secure full equality in all 50 states, not just some. It is through the OutGiving network where those collaborations begin.

Attend the Conference

OutGiving conferences are invitation-only, private events open to LGBTQ and allied donors and institutional funders whose annual philanthropy exceeds $25,000 and are interested in collaborating with like-minded funders to increase the effectiveness and impact of their giving in support of LGBTQ equality.

What You’ll Hear

Speakers at OutGiving include state and national leaders and respected voices at the intersection of philanthropy and the fight for full equality. And OutGiving features donor-led conversations that enable you to connect, collaborate, exchange ideas, and build relationships that continue well beyond the conference.