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Our Home

Colorado is our home. We invest here to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to thrive.

The Reality In Our Great State:

#2 Among States for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
#4 Among States for Technology and Science
#7 Among Top States for Business
#8 Among States in Long-Term Job Growth

Source: “Colorado governor’s office responds….” April 23, 2014.

Yet Not all Coloradans have equal access to the state’s tremendous economic opportunity, and the state lacks resources to correct the inequity on its own.

Our Focus

We make grants in Colorado in four critical areas:

LGBT advocacy and services: our core mission, so no Coloradan will be left behind.

Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education: cultivates critical-thinking skills for the individual and long-term competitiveness for our state’s population.

Financial services: promoting fair lending practices, access to safe capital, and financial literacy that protects Colorado consumers and builds a strong middle class.

Public broadcasting: so our state’s people are more and better informed.

Our Approach


Explore, research, and determine where strategic investments can improve the lives of Coloradans.


Prioritize philanthropic giving in innovative efforts, measure results, refine strategy, give again.


Partner with allied foundations and individuals to fund together and increase our collective impact.

Depth of Commitment

$52 million

invested in Colorado since inception.

Work In Action

Englewood Schools

The Gill Foundation funds the Englewood Education Foundation to support K-12 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in Englewood Schools so that every child in every grade in every school has access to a quality STEM experience.

Interfaith Alliance of Colorado

The Gill Foundation funds the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado to build a base of support among clergy and congregations from across the denominational spectrum to champion equal treatment and speak out against predatory lending practices that target vulnerable populations.

Bell Policy Center

The Gill Foundation funds the nonpartisan Bell Policy Center, which recommends public policies that move Colorado families toward self-sufficiency.

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