Gill Foundation


  1. Tim Gill

    Tim Gill

  2. Scott Miller

    Scott Miller

  3. Mary Bonauto

    Mary Bonauto

  4. Eliza Byard

    Eliza Byard

Leadership Team

  1. Brad Clark

    Brad Clark

    President & CEO

  2. Penny Hamilton

    Penny Hamilton

    Chief Operating Officer

  3. Heidi Overbeck

    Heidi Overbeck

    Chief Strategy Officer

  4. Jeff Criteser

    Jeff Criteser

    Vice President of Partnerships


  1. Alec Sarche

    Alec Sarche

    Communications Associate

  2. Angelica Vickers

    Angelica Vickers

    Accounting and Benefits Administrator

  3. Denise Whinnen

    Denise Whinnen

    Director of Colorado Programs

  4. Desiree Salazar

    Desiree Salazar

    Grants Manager

  5. J.J. Straight

    J.J. Straight

    Program Officer

  6. Laine Ludwig

    Laine Ludwig

    Accounting Manager

  7. Matt Cortez

    Matt Cortez

    IT Manager

  8. Michael Dabbs

    Michael Dabbs

    senior communications officer

  9. Natalie Ritter

    Natalie Ritter

    Office Manager

  10. Owen Loftus

    Owen Loftus

    Senior Program Officer

  11. Steph Perkins

    Steph Perkins

    Program Officer

  12. Tatianna Santos

    Tatianna Santos

    OutGiving Associate