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2017 Oh, what a scene

The door's wide open, Exclusionary programs are out. It's how you identify, That dictates if you can be a Scout. It's a big step forward, For both Cubs and Boys. As for the camping, If there's a grizzly, make noise.

Ah, the "Brokeback" upset, Who could forget? Eleven years later, "Moonlight" was a sure bet. The first LGBTQ Best Picture, Sets a tone of hope. But poor Warren Beatty, Who switched his envelope?

The method, discredited. Four more states agree: Therapy to convert, Is harmful, anyone can see. Love who you are, Even Gaga said hey, You're on the right track, baby, You were Born This Way.

It's a sign of progress, in a world full of doubt. When the Irish Prime Minister, can be openly out. All hail King Leo Varadkar, true king of the north. Winter is coming, but Leo will lead us forth.

Everyone loves frosting. Who doesn't love cake? But a wedding for two men, This bakery couldn't take. To the Supreme Court we go! The gavel will decide: Open the shop to all, Or will discrimination preside?

Bathrooms don't discriminate. Urinal or stall, It's how you identify, Sit or stand, that's your call. Slow clap for Texans, Big W for a red state. Transgender people are equal, Once again, love trumps hate.

In 140 characters, Trump sparked a feud. When he banned trans troops, They said "hell no" and sued. Enlisting takes bravery, It is a big jump. You know who should try it? One guess: rhymes with chump.

Holy matrimony! Aussies said 'yes' to love. In an historic survey: Same-sex marriage rose above. The fight wasn't over, A bill had yet to pass. But Parliament did it. Crikey, that was badass.

Happy holidays from The Gill Foundation staff and board (and Phipps and Maggie)