Eliza Byard Joins Gill Foundation Board of Directors

We are delighted to share with you that Eliza Byard has been appointed to the Gill Foundation’s board of directors. Our board members are essential to driving the foundation’s work to advance and protect LGBT equality in the United States, and Eliza brings incomparable experience, leadership, and strategic vision to the team.

You know Eliza well from her incredible work as Executive Director of GLSEN, where she’s designed and executed strategic initiatives that have transformed K-12 education in the United States to respond to the unique challenges and needs of LGBT youth. GLSEN’s work has contributed to a significant decrease in anti-LGBT harassment and violence in schools, and the organization’s advocacy and legislative strategies have achieved bipartisan support around the urgency and importance of bullying prevention and LGBT issues in education. Under her leadership, GLSEN was honored by President Obama as a “Champion of Change” and named a Top National Non-Profit for its impact on LGBT equality.

The challenges ahead are vast, as opponents of equality renew their loathsome attacks on LGBT people and families. But the Gill Foundation and our grantees are ready to meet these challenges head on, and under the intrepid leadership of our newly appointed President & CEO Brad Clark and strategic board members like Eliza, love and equality will win again — of that we are certain.

Please join us in congratulating Eliza and thanking her for her service to the LGBT community.