The Supreme Court has ruled!

Now every committed couple in America can share in the freedom to marry.

How We Won

  1. A National Campaign

    Freedom to Marry, the national campaign to win marriage, relentlessly pursued their Roadmap to Victory.

    1. Win more states
    2. Grow public support to more than 60%
    3. End federal marriage discrimination
  2. Strategic, High-Impact Litigation

    Legal organizations like the ACLU, GLAD, NCLR, and Lambda Legal pursued a smart litigation strategy that built to big victories at the Supreme Court.

  3. Advocacy in the States

    Advancing marriage in the states provided much-needed protections to thousands of families. And it also started a national conversation with Americans about why marriage matters.

The Power of Support

The Gill Foundation was one of the first funders of efforts to build public support for marriage. In 1994, when the foundation was founded, only one-quarter of Americans supported marriage for gay couples.

Today, a record-high 60% of Americans support allowing gay couples to share in the freedom to marry.

What’s Next?

The work isn’t over. Opponents of marriage are pushing for religious exemptions that would encourage discrimination against LGBT people.

We seek funding allies who will join with us to fight back against these attempts to roll back equality.