Gill Foundation

Reflections on 50 Years of Denver Pride

June 21, 2024

Denise Whinnen, Director of Colorado Programs: Pride celebrations emerged from a history of LGBTQ resilience and resistance, born from the protests against police raids at New York’s Stonewall Inn in June 1969. For six days, the community bravely fought back, igniting a movement that would shape the future. The following year, the first Pride celebrations…

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Gill Foundation Staff

The Year Behind Us, and the Year Ahead

December 30, 2022

Brad Clark, President & CEO: Growing up in small town Iowa, to me the holidays always represented communities coming together around a common set of values: family, faith, and building bridges. This holiday season, I see these same values at the heart of the incredible victory the LGBTQ movement achieved in the Respect for Marriage…

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2021 Reflections, 2022 Outlook

January 11, 2022

Since Tim Gill created the Gill Foundation in 1994, the goal has been unwavering: full equality for LGBTQ Americans. The journey to that destination has had its ups and downs. It’s no secret that 2021 was a difficult year. It seemed like for every ray of light, there was a shadow or two ready to…

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